Monday, July 02, 2018

Saturday Night

Saturday night was The Premises studio party- absolutely packed for Viv's birthday celebration.
I had to share this- Urban Flames, who have now as a choir doubled in size. They exuded bonhomie from the stage, and the solo singing was absolutely superb. They played this song twice- once in the set and once as an encore. They also sang some of their own compositions. What an absolute treat!
Jeremy was there, who used to play bass in a band I had back in the day, with Dubulah and John Parratt, the drummer. It was good to see the crew who work on the song writing projects again. Apparently Shola's song lyrics from The Fog are actually part of the walls: a very thin piece of paper was needed to pad out a particular part of the rebuild, and her words did the trick; there is something sweet about that.
Carleen Anderson made a special appearance; she would give Minnie Riperton a run for her money with her effortless singing somewhere up there in the sky where most mortals can't reach; later, she led us all in a rendition of Happy Birthday To You for Viv, closely followed by Happy Birthday To You, with Urban Flames singing on stage alongside her.
London is just brimming with great music at the moment. More to come!

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