Saturday, June 09, 2018


Hull tonight with Sleeperman, Graham Beck and Doodlebugnuggets, Leeds on Monday with Paul Handyside.
Bag loaded with CDs and a draft of my book to read through and continue editing on Sunday.
Have never worked so hard: we did two days of editing the She-Punks film on Thursday and Friday and there is still more to do.
Being this busy is great though-all of the projects are really stimulating to work on.

Naturally, there are a lot of background stresses; life would not be normal if everything went smoothly. No point in going on about those.

Sometimes it is nice just to stare out into space for a while, and dream about the countryside and proper fresh air that you can breathe deep into yourself.
No computer (ah: the ball and chain in an aluminium shell!); no phone (nobody ever used to phone me, apart from the Offsprogs, and I didn't even notice how unnecessary I was: now it pings and beeps like a baby android wanting a feed).

Thank you to those who are listen-voting to the music on Soundcloud. It looks like there are front-runners already!

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