Sunday, March 04, 2018

What We Were Up To

We did Mum-Dancing around the kitchen while Gina cooked dinner. We ate Maltesers. Both Shanne Bradley and I have contributed bass lines to Gina's I Play The Bass song, and I think Jane Woodgate is there today doing one as well.
That, and Women of the World with the all-star cast (currently being remixed by Ruth Tidmarsh), should be going up on Bandcamp on International Women's Day so we can raise funds to buy music copyrights for Stories from the She-Punks. I've applied for funds for a student intern to help with the sound, and I've sorted out two replacement lecturers at work (big thanks to the University of East London for the mini-sabbatical).
It's always worth shoving the boulder up the hill, even with one hand (still). We will get this documentary finished despite the physical setbacks we have had. F*ck the Universe and it's shenanigans. Everything doesn't happen for a reason, karma doesn't exist, and shut up inner critic!

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