Thursday, March 01, 2018

Recording Shola's Song

The studio somehow managed to superheat itself, which is odd given the sub zero temperature outside. Shanne came in on a last minute call to play bass; Serhan had volunteered for Rhodes keyboard duties and Javier just happened to be finishing his own project in the studio, so one of the best drummers on the course sat in and played some great buzzes and rolls. Michael, Course Leader for Music Tech, was on hand, Charlie from the first year drove the desk, and I played Spanish guitar and sang the guide vocals.
After three hours of setting up mics, running through and getting a good feel, we recorded a pretty good version of the song for Shola to sing over next week. Fuelled by Polos and jokes, the atmosphere was fun and I even managed to sing in Yoruba, which I've never done before. The track went off late last night to Shola by email, and she's happy. Phew!

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