Friday, February 09, 2018

Napoleon@Elbow: Fracture Diary, Only Entry

Offsprog One made a weeks worth of chilli on Monday; what a gem. Offsprog Two went and got easy t-shirts; another gem! Colleagues at work have done a grand job at keeping things going as much as possible. Sorry for not replying to emails and phone calls- anything complex is beyond me at the moment especially if it requires finding physical or virtual information. Next week will be much better and I have read/listened to everything and know what has to be caught up on.
I'm a one-finger typist with short windows of time in which to do stuff- the bit of bone that broke off was the funny bone, and if you've ever hit yourself there, you'll know the feeling. My left hand is blossoming in colour to a fetching shade of purple but has now shrunk from the size of a cricket ball to the size of an orang-utan's paw. I'm uncharacteristically grumpy; a thousand baboons have been screaming in my head most of the week, but they are settling down now.
Yesterday, like a cross Napoleon, I went one-armed bandit shopping and bought Sliced Things to eat.
I'm too impatient for visitors and have been occupying the hours by revisiting, in my head, every fool I've ever met in my life and not suffering them gladly. This has been quite an indulgence, and better than chocolate for the spirits, which currently tastes just of brown paste.
No more for now. Fingers still working: frustrating for this to happen halfway thru working out a new guitar-picking' pattern, but motivating to have that as a target... for next week?

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