Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Good Things

The University of the East has awarded me a mini sabbatical to finish the book and the documentary! This is a tremendous boost; the accident knocked everything back by 3 weeks but once I've organised the replacement lecturers, I can get me head down and work.
Yesterday, I interviewed a woman who is the penultimate engineer that I'll be talking to: a grime music producer who was brimming over with imaginative ideas that she actually puts into practice. I can't wait to transcribe her interview.
Today, fingers on both hands are crossed: this evening I'm hoping to record the backing track for a song writer that I've been working with. It's a house of cards situation because of having to cancel the previous sessions, but this morning I'm going to write out the scores and hope to nab a few student musicians to play on the track. It could actually be done electronically ad somewhere in the paperfest on the kitchen table there's a list of possible Apple Loops, but they do actually all resemble drum kit being pushed downstairs. Always good to have an emergency backup.
O the joys of creativity! i haven't slept thru the night for three weeks because my rm hurts so much and i'm still typing with one finger most of the time, preserving energy for guitar playing, but the musicians and artists that I meet, teach or work with are just incredible; it's not a case of glass half full, more a case of the cup runneth over.
Pip Pip!

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