Thursday, January 04, 2018

Working in Music, Lausanne

After a 7.30 start, I have finished writing the paper on women producers for the conference next week.
Early morning news reports said that high winds in Switzerland derailed a train outside Lausanne, so I hope that's the drama over for this year.
I remember flying to Limerick about 5 years ago and landing in a hurricane-force wind. I couldn't work out why the pilot was twisting and wobbling until later, when the TV news reports at the hotel reported the freak weather conditions. If I'd known at the time I would have had hysterics.
To get away from the screen, I've been out in the rain to get a newspaper. Ring-a-ding ding! Such luxury. Next thing is to finish editing the article, but I think a bit of singing and songing ought to happen before that particular project.

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