Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Academical Thinking

Well, the problem is if you have to edit and adapt your own stuff.
I'm working on a paper for a conference next week that involves developing a paper that I presented a couple of years ago in Aalborg in Denmark, and also an article that I had submitted for one journal who didn't want it in its current form, and has now been accepted for another but has to be 1000 words shorter.
Over the hols I've read a couple of books that make a difference to both of them: Anne Karpf's book The Human Voice: the story of a remarkable talent, and Jennifer Fleeger's Mismatched Women: the siren's song through the machine. I got up at 7.30 this morning to start writing but ended up doing admin work before heading down to Gina's to do Art (oh how lovely that was!).
In the end I only wrote and edited for two hours, so I'll have to get up early again tomorrow and plunge into words again. It really matters to get these things right, and no amount of procrastination, and preferring writing songs to writing academic articles, will help.
Meanwhile we are trying to find a venue for Asbo Derek and Helen and the Horns to play at on Friday the 26th January in Brighton. Most of the people who read this blog seem to be Russian or French, according to the stats, so it's not much use asking you, is it?
Unless you simply want to send us good vibes across land and sea, which of course will be enormously appreciated by both bands.

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