Saturday, September 02, 2017

Grayson Perry at the Serpentine Gallery

On the way there, a black squiggly shape in the distance on the water seemed incongruous. Not a cormorant, surely? But it spread its wings to dry in the early morning sunshine, and sure enough, the most peculiar of sea-birds had found its way into Hyde Park, probably to try to visit this exhibition.
It is a small, sweet exhibition that doesn't take long to go round. You're met by a piggy bank with different slots that allow you to self-define. You can be us, them, female, male, rural: there are various choices. I chose 'HOPE'.
There are some enormous woodcuts, with gorgeous design and contrast, and of course the familiar pots. The textiles are fantastic, and after seeing Dispossession, the Red Carpet seemed particularly appealing, with it's insincere-slogans-of-the-times and map of gentrification. The Durham banner was brilliant. Me and the Offsprogs love Trade Union banners; I felt like jumping up and down with excitement.
And the motorbike! Ah, bliss!
It's on till 10th September; it will inspire you. Go!

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