Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Review in Louder Than War

Thank you Paul for this amazing review!

Good things are happening in the middle of an exhausting adminstorm at work (100 emails sent out yesterday morning with student feedback, 30 sent out this afternoon).
Largely I suspect due to the persuasive tactics of The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy not only will I be singing Femme Fatale with them at The Wedding Present's Edge of the Sea festival in Brighton on the 19th of August, but also playing a set of my own.
I'm taking a big deep breath before the mega-drivings of the upcoming weekend, and hoping for no more tyre blowouts. I had a cup of coffee catch up with Gina this morning, who has filmed an interlude for our documentary in which she appears as a convincing skinhead (but she doesn't scare me with them red braces and bovver boots!), and a rehearsal yesterday afternoon for the Asbo Derek LP launch. Stuart Moxham has done sterling work on the mix of Summer Days. A Helen and the Horns gig is afoot for later in the year too.
However, right now I'm having a cup of tea and some Doritos.

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