Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whitaker Museum, Rossendale

I'm heading up to Rossendale today and hoping that the car I bought on Friday can get me there and back.
(Yesterday can only be described as gruelling; I started data-inputting at 9.30 and finished at 3.30 with only a break to fetch a cup of tea to drink my desk. Then I did an hour's work with a talented song writer I'm working with, then back home for more marking and data inputting which I finally finished at 8 p.m.)
It will be a delight to get into the car and head north to sing, and I am so looking forward to meeting up with some old friends there, too. The gig is free to get in and starts at 8 p.m.
I will have copies of the new CD and also the colouring book version of the illustrated lyrics book, which is printed on recycled paper.
Tally ho!

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A Fan said...

where/when can we buy this CD when is the next London gig?