Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mad Bicycle Song On Gideon Coe Tonight!

Car packed up suddenly and I had to sell it for scrap.
Had spent the car savings on making the CD.
Went to look at crappy cheap car yesterday that was so dodgy I didn't buy it, even though I walked five miles to an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere to look at it.
Went to look at another car today and crossed my fingers...
Gideon Coe played The Mad Bicycle Song tonight on BBC Radio 6!
I am so happy!
Have been grafting at this ever since last summer, and I haven't got a record label and I haven't got a plugger or any of those things and I have had to start again with everything. It has been a real DIY everything project. What an amazing thing to happen!
Next gig on Wednesday at The Whitaker Museum, Rossendale. I hope I will have a car by then...

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