Saturday, May 27, 2017


It's been a week of chaos. Scrap a car, wandering round Wembley in searing heat deciding not to buy an old banger, still marking student work (I've just found yet another unmarked bit of work but there are 104 pieces of marking for that Module so it's not surprising), trying to work out how to do a proper mail-out, managing to get another car, tax it, insure it, and sort out a parking permit for it yesterday. The salesman bought me a bunch of flowers, but I'm worried that's because the car is only going to work for six weeks. Or not even that.
On Thursday Ruth Tidmarsh came round to take some photos. It is taking all day to download them, so unfortunately I've had to spend much of the time marking and organising stuff for the External Examiners, instead of pratting about about pretending to be a pop star, which is much more fun.
Ruth is a seriously good photographer and I don't look at all like the sweaty little squirt that I've been feeling like all week (too many baking hot concrete car lots, and too much worrying about getting something wrong- it's 17 years since I last bought a car).
Some time later tonight maybe I'll be able to post one up here. Here is the latest poster, although I have demoted Asbo Derek's release to a single rather than an album. I am so sorry. It is an album, it is an album, it is an album!

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