Friday, May 05, 2017

Joby and the Hooligans at the Buccaneer, Brighton

I looked through some old photographs and here are some pix of Joby and the Hooligans at the Buccaneer in Brighton in 1977. I wonder what happened to Dub Duncan, our drummer? He was really great reggae drummer, and we did a cover of Dennis Brown's How Can I Leave amidst our punk thrash; and a cover version of the Action Man Flexidisk. I think I can even remember the words:
Action Man is here! Action Man is here!
On land and sea and in the air
In action everywhere!
Tough and fearless, he's a fighter
Not assignment ever troubles him
On high ground
He's there
Or flying through the air
(can't remember this bit)
Give him a rousing cheer
It's Action Man!
I know it looks like Joby put his coat on hallway through but it's difficult to change the order of photos on Blogger, so I didn't. Someone at college back then was sitting in the canteen telling me about this great band he'd seen with a female bass player, and I thought he was pulling my leg- he didn't realise it was me, because I looked so ferocious in the winged sunglasses. I took them off at this particular gig. Don't know why; It was a long time ago.
Actually, no, it looks like I put them ON halfway through.

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