Saturday, April 15, 2017

Last Night's Gig in Brighton

How did I manage to completely walk past Regency Square and end up at Palmeira Square in Hove? Not paying attention, that's how. I was photographing peculiar cars, graffiti and the old house I used to live in at 9 Lansdowne Place, which still looked totally scruffy. Oh, the memories!
Finally back at The Pelirocco, DJ Gremlin aka David McLean, was there already and the PA had been set up (phew- that was a worry). We had a good chat about old times; David was 15 when he first went to the Resource Centre crypt to se bands playing and remembered seeing Joby and the Hooligans, Poison Girls and all the rest.
I played to a selection of hotel guests and gig-goers, including Pete and Lisa, and Tracy from the Smartees who I'd tried to persuade to sing Let's Make Up with me. It was a gig on a par with the Country Soul Sessions gig last year- just really warm hearted and lovely. I hadn't learned to play the solo from Femme Fatale in time but I will in time for the next one.
It took a long time to get home- I got in at 2.30 and woke at 7, annoyingly. So I have been lazing in bed most of today and fighting off the remains of the virus which I suspect is hay fever because I felt better in the blasting cold wind off the Brighton seafront, which once blew the top layer of bread and the cheese out of my cheese sandwich just as I was about to take the first bite.
I might have some pics soon; Tracy's friend took some.

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