Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Monday

That was an early start. An hour before the alarm went off, I woke up and decided to head over to Hackney Wick to move Offsprog Two's stuff. The poor sad car didn't want to start but I bullied it into emission and with it's wing mirror precariously taped on with gaffa tape, off we went.
At Hackney Wick an impressive amount of EU-funded bigfoot hardware was rumbling about, with lots of men in hi-vis jackets and hard hats waving their arms about in instructive semaphore.

Once we had crammed the car to the gunwales, we headed back with a few wrong turns (thanks, satnav), unloaded, had a second breakfast and I've just washed the car.
I am so glad nobody quipped 'You can wash mine after that!' like they did the last time, because they would have been drenched in nice cold bucket of soapy water. Later on, I'm going to visit a student at their work placement. I hope they are bloody there. It's Good Monday and they may have forgotten that everything is closed for Easter, apart from the men in the hi-visjackets and me, the Mumfather.

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