Sunday, March 05, 2017

Yesterday In Brighton Museum

What a lovely event. All through the museum enthusiasts were enthusing and gesticulating next to laptops, with people clustered around them, holding shopping bags with Sunday's lunch in.
I'd met Kim for coffee first and that had a nerve-steadying affect, but from the outset it was a friendly room; Sue from the Reward System (and one of the many manifestations of Dick Damage's musical career) came along, so did Pete and Lisa, both looking extremely stylish as always, Shelley from Spinningchilli, Tracy from The Smartees and the Molesters with her wonderful mum who is 90 and looks even younger that 70, Simon, and lots of ages and genders. And lots of shopping bags too.
I found out later that some eight-year-old twins were entertained by the story of the bathroom falling into the kitchen at our squat in 9 Lansdowne Place, with Smiley Geoff still stirring his dinner in a pan with a wooden spoon and all the rubble around him!
I had the green vinyl Mari Elliott single which I finally found and waved about, and I sang them Poly's first song (two lines) when her dinner lady tried to make her eat meat,
Oh Mrs Johnson, wagging your finger
Who do you think you are?
and talked about personal histories and made sure that Vi Subversa got a good mention because of her importance at the centre of it all in the Brighton punk scene.
Thank you Jody for inviting me and David MacLean for suggesting it, it was fun.
(Photo pilfered from Stephen Drennan's Facebook)

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Really enjoyed your talk and looking forward to looking deeper into the Brighton punk scene. Also going to feature some of the bands mentioned on one of my upcoming online radio shows. As usual the 24 hours my friend and I spent in Brighton were brilliant.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you! Look at Phil Byford's fantastic website, if you haven't already: