Sunday, March 12, 2017

What A Week That Was: Older Women Rock

On Wednesday I took the Stories from the She-Punks work-in-progress film to Quarterhouse in Folkestone, at the invitation of Leah Thorn, who has an ongoing project called Older Women Rock.
Leah had an exhibition in a pop-up shop up the hill of clothing embroidered with snatches of her poetry (see photographs below) and she very kindly sent a PDF of her poems, which are poignant and sharply observed and basically re-boot the whole idea of being an older woman. Bout time too.

Big up the technician at Quarterhouse- it took a while to sort out the film but there was a decent audience full of questions and comments that made it lively event. Everyone seemsed to really enjoy the film and at one point I had tears of laughter pouring down my face. I think it was Girlschool rehearsing in the shed full of pigeons, but it could have been anything. I'd forgotten so much of it in the interim emotional turmoil and when we are ready to pick it up again and finish it, it's going to be a real pleasure.
There was a music workshop afterwards that I was very happy to see the audience flow towards- all the instruments were hidden behind the screen and afterwards it rolled back to reveal glistening drum kits and twinkling amplifier lights. Hey ho- let's go!
Thanks so much Leah, I had a great evening and I hope you got good feedback from the audience.
Leah still has some poetry books available; email her at

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