Friday, March 03, 2017

Smocking Is Bad For Your Health

Today: eating fish fingers with Gina, and Doing Art (oil pastels and black and white drawing respectively).
Preparing tomorrow's talk, digging into the crates and finding the green Poly Styrene (Mari Elliott) single, the Chefs E.P. and yellow t-shirt and a whole load of Chefs posters with old band names on them, a couple of photos of the Vault that no-one will be able to see because they are small, and some Sex Pistols badge discs left over from working at Better Badges.
I found lots of other things too. Old knitting patterns, this smocking pattern, half-finished embroideries (cranes building Wembley Stadium, without the cranes; a businessman with devil horns and a tail and the motto Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas); things to stop the piano castors digging into the carpet that I haven't got, and other things like that.

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