Sunday, March 19, 2017

I've Lost My Metronome

On a scrap of paper there are all the BPMs for the new album songs; I found them because I wanted to re-do a guitar part at home but they are of no use, because I've ended up recording completely different songs.
The metronome isn't in the box of tiny things and it's not in the glove drawer either. It will be impossible to find because it is so small. You can't phone it and get it to beat, like you can with a mobile phone.
I'm only writing about it because there is space in the day called 're-doing the guitar part' and then later 'looking for the metronome'.
'Cleaning the kitchen floor' is not an option, but re-doing the lead vocal for Women of the World with the choir might be, except the MP3 won't copy into Logic.
These truly are first world problems.

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