Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Good morning daffodils; thank you for your yellow this morning. It's like drinking a glass full of sunshine to counteract the grey sky and the visible chill out there.
This morning will be spent on the complicated process of booking more gigs for the summer and early autumn. There are more in the pipeline but I haven't got a 'machine' to help out, only me; everything is DIY and if I get a metaphorical sock in the jaw (one yesterday) I have to sing that song Pick Yourself Up in my head, do a rattly tap dance (also in my head) and try to just get on with it.
Last summer was terribly empty, apart from the couple of lovely festival gigs that probably saved my life and certainly saved my soul.
This afternoon I'm going to visit some of the students from the University of the East at their work placements. This is a very interesting part of the job and has taken me to all sorts of different places and people. One year, I went to an African church on trading estate in Camberwell where a student had taken over the choir while the choir master was on sabbatical. He did his job too well and part of what I had to help with later on was how the student could manage the choir master's feeling of being threatened by a potential rival. It's big sea out there with plenty of fish for us all, that's the truth. The problem is when people try to stop any other people from catching any!

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