Sunday, March 05, 2017

A Gently Surreal Day

The Offsprogs circled the kitchen, chopping things and boiling things. I went to meet Shola at the tube station, after setting up the microphone stand. The guitar part was recorded last night, half asleepily after the busy day in Brighton.
Sailing around each other, lunch was cooked at the same time as Shola's vocals were recorded. If you could see the size of my kitchen you'd realise what a miracle this was. Nobody tripped on a lead and nobody's phone dinged with a text at a crucial point. I had to stand up, and the only spare headphones that I could find to put into the splitter were ancient with the foam rubber hanging off them in shreds. But we recorded Shola's song, and I edited it while she had some lunch in the next room. She has an amazing voice and I hope I've done her justice.
The only thing that went wrong was the custard spill in the cutlery drawer, a minor distraction, if a trifle (hur, hur) irritating. Later, the Offsprogs were working together on a painting and I was drawing; Carry On Camping was keeping us company but I had to stop drawing because I was laffing so much my pen kept wobbling on the page.
It's only half past six but I am so tired that it's looking likely that I'll be in bed by seven. I have loved this weekend though. Yesterday was a blast, today I've made good music, I've had the company of the Offsprogs and although I've got to write a mega-lecture for tomorrow I will do that in the morning.
Good evening, good night.

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