Sunday, February 26, 2017


If you've tuned in for tales of music technology, sorry bout that; I have more pressing concerns.
Me and Offsprog One, who currently lives here, needed new toothbrushes. My old one is lilac-handled, hers green.
I looked in the cupboard for new ones. Two lilac toothbrushes.
Is this like the pink marshmallows that nobody wants and that get left till the end?
She took one and wrapped gaffa tape round the handle in a black stripe, and I have carried on with the old one, splayed and full of character.
My project this morning is to acquire a new toothbrush that isn't lilac, but also doesn't have too many 'features'. Who invented toothbrushes with 'features'? Different coloured bristles that point this way and that, different lengths, handles with assorted grip patterns and a general air of being a fighter jet rather than something for polishing your gnashers.
Actually, the mundane task of replacing an old toothbrush has now begun to feel rather exciting.

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