Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Carols with Champagne Friend

Except we don't drink any more. What a lovely thing to do- at Lower Marsh near Waterloo there was a double decker bus parked up with a brass band on the top deck. On the street, there were assorted choirs- a small theatre choir and the London Transport Choir in red scarves, amongst others.
The MC, Harvey from Harvey and the Wallbangers, did a roll call from up top.
Tenors? A collective of tenors piped up 'Yes', in tenor voices.
Basses? 'Yes!' boomed the basses in unison.
Altos? 'Yes', warbled the altos.
Sopranos? 'Yes', chirruped the sopranos.
There were about 300 motley people stretched down the street in between the choirs, including a lot of children, Jenny Jones the Green politician, and the Vicar of St John's who was in fine voice.
We roared our way through a photocopied carol leaflet- the haunting Holly and the Ivy, a beautiful Once In Royal David's City, an anarchic wassail song that wasn't in the leaflet, the poetic In The Bleak Midwinter.
It was cold but really fun and we sang our hearts out. I've lost my voice.

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