Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Flowery Few Days

Why flowery? It's a better way of saying varied than varied, I suppose...
On Thursday evening after work I hopped on a train to Nottingham to play at the Bras Not Bombs event that was being held upstairs at Rough Trade Nottingham. Caroline Kerr does a fantastic job- fashion firms donate surplus underwear, and the pieces that are not suitable for giving to refugees are sold on and the money raised used to purchase more appropriate underwear.
I'd heard about her work in Hereford from Richard Wild Hare, and the poet Kate Doody was going to be there too and I like her stuff. It was a really warm-hearted affair that could have done with a bit more public support- but punters did come along and buy things and there will be more- so I'll let you know were and when.
The following morning I was so knackered that I uploaded the Femme Fatale tracks from the comfort of my bed. Thank God for laptops! It is now on sale (see links in previous postings) and we have managed to sell a few already. I might even try to play it tomorrow at the Green Door Store in Brighton.
Yesterday evening, it was the Works Do at the University of the East and I headed down wearing my telecaster on my back like a tortoise wears a shell. There was a selection of performances from dance staff and students, and music from the music students. I loved the Persian music duo- what a wonderful couple of songs, one played on the dulcimer. And what singing!
Students drifted in and out; there were dance-offs and then a grime section with deep down booming tracks and rapid-fire spitting. Well, that was the act before me. As I set up my guitar, a student whipped across the room. 'How you gonna follow that?', he challenged.
'By following it', was the only thing I could think of to say. Thankfully the grime gang hung around and Jono got me a great sound. It must be be first time ever that I've been sung along to by rappers but it was an absolute hoot. Thank you guys for being such good sports and understanding that music is music, and when it's sung from the heart it doesn't matter what genre you're living in, it's the doing of it that is important. I think that counts as one of the year's most healing experiences and I went home with a great big grin on my face. Heaven Avenue to you too!

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