Monday, September 26, 2016

Musicians Against Homelessness, Bristol

Hats off to Charlie Tipper for organising this event of artists, poets and bands in aid of Musicians Against Homelessness. I had to do it as a day trip and therefore only saw the artist before me, the poet and the band after me. Unfortunately I missed Charlie's band, the Charlie Tipper Conspiracy, but I have a CD to listen to which I will report on next listening day (the pile is getting large).
The gig was organised at The Exchange, which has a great sound engineer, and I really enjoyed playing. After six months of being strangled by unhappiness, my singing voice has finally returned. Oh thank you audience for sounding like a million people when you clapped: this was so confidence-boosting!
I really liked the poet- I'll find out his name and let you know.
Thank you for inviting me Charlie, I hope the evening was busy and bustling!
Bristol is mad. On the way to look for a cup of tea which I never found, I walked past a junk shop where this punk guy with a mohican was playing fabulous neo-disoc music at top volume (fie on you Shazam for now being a complicated service) and who leapt out into the street with a harmonica and played along and danced to the music, without a care in the world and with no audience or pavement-placed hat: just sheer joy. Wonderful! By the time I took a picture his friend had turned up and he stopped.
This evening I'm playing a last-minute gig at The Water Rats with Amy, as a warm-up for next Sunday's gig at The Spice of Life with Gem Andrews and her band.

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