Sunday, June 05, 2016

Rock Against Racism at Brighton Polytechnic

At this gig I stood talking to the lead singer from Misty (who had fantastic knee-length DMs) and asked him how he could bear to listen to punk music, because it was so loud and chaotic in comparison to reggae. 'Because they both come from here', he said and pointed to his heart. 
RAR was a fantastic organisation and we were always happy to play gigs for them. 
Strangely, the Fabulous Poodles headlined this gig. I remember a lot of dodgy comments about girls from the lead singer that made me wonder what they were doing playing this gig, and why they were headlining. 
The atmosphere had been really good up till then and Zoot (form the Piranhas) put a comment on the Facebook posting that this poster came from (DJ Gremlin's Rockin' Stompers, hope you don't mind me using it!), to say that they got booed off stage.

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