Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zine Fairs

Saying that 'young people nowadays' aren't doing anything like we did with punk is not only passé, but also wrong. That's looking in the wrong direction, and sounding like a Daily Mail reader.
There is a thriving underground music culture in the present day, and also a thriving international zine culture. Offsprog One has published five issues of Hidden Eggs and is at a zine fair at Rich Mix today- and you couldn't get a more multicultural and empowered generation of young people, with plenty to say beyond just pretty art and smart design.
I can't go to today's zine fair (more filming and an interview with a radio station in San Francisco about the documentary) but here's a pic of her at the one in Dalston a few weeks go. She made a special wrestling issue with posters, and she does badges as well.
Zines crop up all over the UK and are not the preserve of the middle classes, either- I sent off for one published in the Manchester area that consisted of interviews with young women in dead-end jobs. It was a fascinating glimpse into the human spirit's ability to survive, and even thrive, when the outlook appears to be hopeless.
Big up the twenty-somethings; they have the future in their hands. Try to be nice, too; they will be the ones you/we expect to look after us when we are ancient. A sense of entitlement is ugly no matter what generation you belong to. Better for us to be respected than resented, eh?

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