Thursday, May 26, 2016

FinishingThe Chapter

This morning has been spent editing and amending a chapter that I have written for an academic book. It has been 'resting' for month after taking about 50 hours to research and write (we don't get paid for these things, either). It's a punk chapter and I've written about The Raincoats covering Lola, Linder Sterling's meat dress and various other things. I had to edit out about 300 words by the time I'd dealt with the editor's amendments; the first 200 were very hard and then I came to the bit where I said that women punk bands were no longer edited out of history.
That bit was easy to take out.
What a conundrum- it was all about not being famous, but because of that nobody remembers what happened, apart from about me and 30 other people. History is just about famousness, isn't it? I think we all need to crown ourselves Queen of this and that, and wear Norman Hartnell coat and hat sets and thick pink lipstick.
Then perhaps history will remember us.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

It's not about history remembering you, it's about history remembering you fairly.

I saw Linder Sterling supporting Nancy Sinatra at someone's Meltdown at the RFH some years back. Finally found out the lyrics to a Ludus song that had been bugging me for years