Sunday, May 08, 2016

Comic Creatrix at the House Of Illustration

It was a hot day today- too hot for May, and my brain could not cope. So I managed to get lost on the way to this exhibition, even though it was right next door to Central St Martin's where I have been millions of times.
It is an excellent exhibition; I was delighted to see a page from Dirty Plotte, which I had begun to feel was a figment of my imagination, and also pages from the artists Kate Charlesworth and Suzy Varty as well as some excellent and varied art from India, Serbia, and of course the USA.
One of the biggest pleasures was the sheer variety of styles; another was the skill of execution of these drawings. There was almost-photo-realism, there was 50s-style art (from the 1950s and beyond); original work from Tove Janssen, and lots of early 20th Century work where the artists had to pretend that they weren't women (one story got banned because it was too sexy). Some was glamorous, some was political, some was lesbian, some was gender-neutral, some was funny.
It is a totally inspiring exhibition that ends in a week's time. There is a great shop that sells wooden postcards and today I was given a free gift, although a rather an unfortunate one.
I could not resist the urge to leave a small pile of my guerrilla comics there.
And I got lost on the way home too in the sweltering heat, and then found Camden tube station closed when I got there. A sweet and sour day I suppose.
I liked the graffiti I passed on the way home.

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