Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kitchen Table Recording

So I sat and worked out that it would be a three-hour round trip to get to work in Stratford and record in my office; I might get all the way there, and by some miracle someone might be working in the office, and I might disturb them.
So I set up the M-Audio in the kitchen, with an ancient version of Logic on an ancient computer that threatens latency all the time (but there's nothing like that for making you economical with your music, and good at trimming samples).
The guitar sound's not quite right: the vocal could be better but I was quite happy with the song, and believe it or not, tomorrow morning the ukulele is coming out and possibly an acoustic guitar.
Best of all, the accidentally-deleted pre-set vocal (Female Creamy Lead Vocal) was on an old hard drive so I just loaded that up, opened an old song and pasted the new vocal into the existing track and saved it as the new song.
I think the trick is not to rush. I definitely can't do that with a computer that grinds along reluctantly and I am happy to pace myself to the outdated technology, because it's all listening time and with listening comes learning.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

When did you last use tape? Like using a film camera, it does instil a certain discipline in the user