Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Skating Fail in the Olympic Park

It took ten minutes to put the skates on with cold fingers (bloody hell, the wind was cold today!) and then I discovered that it's an impossible surface to skate on: little-stoney with loose chippings on top. Loose chippings mean loose tripping if you're on roller skates so I had to take the things off.
Anyway- what park? Miles of pale tarmac stretched put as far as the eye could see and somewhere in the distance on the map there was a green bit. I had been expecting trees and things; maybe even a pond. Basically, a massive area of Stratford has been tarmacced over so that thousands of people could walk through the shopping centre and go to the Olympic events, and now blocks of flats are being built on it. So much for the green tomorrow; this is the future bleak.
How ironic that the estates in Southwark are being demolished, and tomorrow's equivalent are being constructed in a different part of London!

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Wilky of St Albans said...

There's beautiful countryside just a few minutes drive away, where you can watch the Roe Deer and the Buzzards, but no, the big city lights of that there london town are just too much of a draw. Pah! Townies!!