Thursday, March 03, 2016

Oh Dear! Trouble's Brewing At St. Eton's Primary

From the Head's thought bubble:
'The problem is that Mr Dutch, the French teacher, really isn't One Of Us. At the staff meeting yesterday, he said that if we didn't join in with other schools more, he'd encourage the Oiks to start flooding into St Eton's. 
That would just be the Beginning of the End. I don't know where he gets these ideas from. I can only assume that he has some sort of psychological problem because he isn't very tall and he wears glasses. 
Memo to self: try to find a way of sacking him. That Mrs Patel's rather pretty, and I bet she could teach French if she put her mind to it and we gave her the languages department to run- and a pay rise!'.
End of thought bubble.

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Dr Crippen said...

when we was at Primary School we made 'Stink Bombs' in the Chemistry lessons!