Friday, February 19, 2016

The Songwriting Circle, Five Years On

So how did this happen? We have managed to gravitate together again, after a long break.
Katy has two successful albums under her belt (the most recent one, Polonia, got four stars everywhere and in everything); Rowen has lived in Prague and come back to England; Nadya has moved to Southend and become an academic, and I... well, it feels as though everything is the same, but I know things have moved on, although I can't see it.
So what happened to the songs we wrote? Lots of Katy's turned up on her two albums; Rowen played hers in New York; Nadya's became a soundtrack for a show at Men's Fashion Week, and most of mine turned up on the album Take One. That means that we were productive, alongside eating cabbage soup at Katy's and talking about everything and nothing.
This time we ate pumpkin soup, and sat around the table with a whiteboard that Katy had found outside with 'take me' or something like that written on it. We each played a song; we write in such different styles, it's intriguing to hear what the others write about and the way they sound.
What a lovely way to spend and evening, although the whiteboard didn't get written on much.
We have a task to write a song before the beginning of March. I have already started scribbling lyrics in book, and already decided that they are a load of rubbish. I remember this well from five years ago, and I remember scrabbling to finish songs the day before cabbage soup day. Will this happen this time around, I wonder?

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