Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snails Go Walkabout

Parked in stacked plant pots in the back yard were an alarming number of dormant snails.
I envisaged spring sunshine reviving and invigorating them, and all the precious shoots being decimated by the slimy horrors.
I devised a smart plan.
Although I saw on Blue Peter that snails and slugs have a homing instinct, I decided that if I took them far enough away, they might get distracted by a nice garden or park on the way home and decide that it wasn't worth coming back.
I picked them off the plant pots and put them in a little carrier bag, and went for a walk. I won't tell you where they are in case you try to find them and interrogate them, but they're quite far away. I tripped as I surreptitiously tipped them into the foliage; I'm not very good at doing dastardly deeds.
I feel a bit guilty for abandoning them, so I'm going to change my route for a few weeks until I forget what I did.

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