Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Sage Next Saturday

I will be supporting The Daintees at The Sage in Gateshead on Saturday. What an honour! Their tour starts in Edinburgh on Thursday, and Glasgow on Friday, both with Nicky Murray https://www.facebook.com/Nicky-Murray-201361226722860/timeline/ supporting. The following weekend, Danielle Howle https://www.facebook.com/daniellehowle?fref=ts will be supporting them in Sheffield, Leeds, Bury and Liverpool, and then I'll be doing the last three dates: Birmingham, Brighton and Canterbury. Details are here http://daintees.co.uk
Meanwhile, the Universities are back, and I'm also writing like crazy. Well not today, because I've started editing Blue's Song for Joan to make a one-minute cut of her film to. In order to do that, I had to finish downloading Logic and then work out the ways it has changed (it's completely different to the version that I have on my old computer which has given up the ghost). I managed to find what I needed and was fiddling about with different edit points when I realised that the end part of the song lasts almost exactly a minute if I fade it out properly.
So I saved it and left it for the morning when I have fresh ears. Here's the long version if you missed it the first time around: https://soundcloud.com/mccookerybook/blues-song

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