Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sometimes I sit down, start writing and the next time I look at the clock, several hours have passed. I have at last reached the slash and burn stage of my large written research project; it's time to stop and complete. I think the writing is interesting, which is a change from three weeks ago when I was concerned that it was boring and ranty. I think I might be finished in three weeks time. What an odd feeling, after five years! Gradually, the pile of books will filter through to the bookcase at work and my house will look like a house once more, rather than a second hand bookshop.
Yesterday I was at Gina's doing more planning for the documentary and we also spent a couple of hours mixing. It was an intense process but rather like gardening, when you emerge form the tunnel of concentration, the results are there and I think we can do a great job with her music. I can be a pig of a producer because I normally work mostly on my own stuff; this collaborative way of working involves a lot of learning and is extremely healthy for a person who spends so much of her time teaching!
This evening I'll be playing at the Trew Era Cafe in Hoxton. It's an early gig, starting at 6.30 and ending at 9, and I'm supporting Hannah Golightly. It will be unplugged, which would have been daunting if I hadn't been spending the summer playing unplugged gigs.
And now, it's admin time. Head down, time to concentrate!

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