Saturday, September 12, 2015

At the ICA Today

Why did I wake at five? Jet lag is the most peculiar of afflictions.
As soon as possible, I headed down to the zine fair at the ICA to visit Offsprog One. Her new zine is ready, and it features an interview with Barnet Mark of the 12 Bar, amongst others. The atmosphere was good; sellers were setting out their wares and chatting amongst themselves and there were some punters there already at opening time.
Everything fell silent at 11.30 as the results of the Labour Leadership contest came in. A monitor was fixed to the wall and all eyes and ears were on it, although only the most dedicated clustered around it. This was a very happy room when it became apparent that first Tom Watson, and then Jeremy Corbyn had been successful. These results make an enormous difference to the disenfranchised 20-30 year old generation who have had all their hopes take away from them by the complete disregard of their employment prospects by the current government. They are more cruel even than Thatcher, who at least allowed those (like these small publishers) who had some sort of entrepreneurial bent to feel that they were appreciated, and were to be encouraged.
The room started buzzing. I bought some zines before sloping off home to make and consume a gigantic stew. I've spent a few hours inserting bits of interview into my research chapter; it has now shrunk by 3000 words thankfully; there are another 2000 to edit out before I think it is concise enough to finish off and out into the house style of the journal that I'm going to try to publish it in.
The interview sections have given it an added boost of energy and I think I"m thoroughly justified now in taking a break in order to watch Come Dine With Me.

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