Saturday, August 15, 2015


I am home, bearing mousetraps after a midnight call from Offsprog Two.
Mousetraps are complicated. I couldn't work out the wooden ones and there were no instructions, which I suppose you don't get for £1.50.
The plastic ones looked over-designed, as though Philip Starck or Signor Alessi had had a hand in them. Too trendy by far for murdering small fry and too expensive at £3.50.
The tin ones- well, I managed to set it in the shop and then realised that I might accidentally chop somebody's fingers off so I had to drop it on the floor to spring it. SNAP!
Oh dear, so cruel. But they are dirty little buggers and they chew up all sorts of vital household wires as well as excreting copiously in cupboards that need to be clean. Tonight I shall grit my teeth and make sure I don't set the thing near anyone's midnight toes.
Or catch a slug- posting passim:


Wilky of St Albans said...

Mice also constantly, how can I put this politely?, wee. So everything needs a wipe with a dettol soaked j-cloth. Interestingly, there urine is visible under UV light and apparently Kestrels can see into the UV spectrum, which is how they hunt mice.

Why not get another cat? RSPCA at Ridge Hill is only 5 minutes drive away

Helen McCookerybook said...

It seems to have vanished, but I'm still going to set the trap tonight!