Wednesday, August 26, 2015


What a week of extremes it has been.
Yesterday, Gina invited me over and we started mixing one of the tracks for her new album. Her version of Logic has developed several eccentricities which we had to work around but we made a sample sound really good, and also a vocal sample at the beginning of a song.
We are going to do it, and we are going to do it well; it's gonna be a great project to work on. The music is going to be released simultaneously with an exhibition of gigantic paintings that Gina's been working on for several months. Thirty six degrees of politics in music and art!
Today, I braved the crowds and the rain and headed into town for some essential shopping after rising at 6.30 to take a pair of very heavy, very knackered white close-painted louvre doors to the local dump in my very knackered car that miraculously passed it's MOT with no hiccups on Monday afternoon.
I have just returned home in the most bucketing rain that I have experienced since buckets were invented. I was so wet that I had to dump my clothes on the door mat and find a bucket to put them in so they didn't flood the living room. My plastic carrier bags had so much water in them that I had to pour it out, likewise my shoes; the shopping is soaking wet.
I'm checking the street, which has turned into a small swift-flowing stream. I am afraid that the house will get flooded in spite of the fact that I live up a hill.
And I think I have thrown my watch away by accident.

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