Friday, July 10, 2015

Watching T In The Park

The closest that I get to a festival (apart from Womad once and Glastonbury once, when I sang a song with the Daintees) is watching T in the Park every year.
The idea of being in an enormous crowd of sweaty strangers simply doesn't appeal at all, and I like watching from the sofa with a bag of pistachios. All that sitting on shoulders and waving arms in the air along with the artists on stage, what we used to do at the teacher's command at primary school. No, no, no: not for me.
This year, I'm watching Rudimental attentively, because Bridgette Amofah, who did my fave songwriting module at the University of the West and whose thesis I supervised, has been singing for them for a while. Bridgette has the most wonderful voice and while she was at University other students kept trying to hijack her talent. I watch and watch (yes, I watched them on Jools Holland too) in the vain hope of hearing her sing a song rather than just doing backing vocals. Yes, I hear her voice in the stacked-up background blend; she has a particularly resonant husky timbre that you can't miss. But I want to hear her sing her own song. Is she doing some sort of frustrating apprenticeship, os something? Everybody seems to get a turn apart from Bridgette.
Give her a chance, boys- she's brilliant.

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