Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Snaps from the KISMIF Conference, Porto

Alistair Gordon and Mike Dines from the Punk Scholars Network; Mary Fogarty and Helen Dinard trap a colleague in a web of handbags at their very perceptive coffee-break dance performance of Sharon and Tracy Exist; a notice on the pavement outside the University; Dick Hebdige, author of Subcultures: the meaning of style and Cut'n'Mix, beside Dave Laing, author of One Chord Wonders (and my one-time PhD supervisor) at Dave's book relaunch. It was a buzzing conference in spite of all the PCs packing up on day 2! The hosts were very welcoming and gave me a chance to catch up with a lot of friends from the academic world and make some new ones. It's thrilling to hear about all the different research that's going on all over the word into music, subcultures, scenes and politics. I've discovered that my book is used to teach in Australia and the U.S. and the short film that I showed went down very well. Watch this space for a review of a new book on Test Department.

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