Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mary Fogarty's Write Up of the KISMIF Dance Performance

This is from Mary's blog; apologies for the mirrored referencing! Interesting to see the nod in the direction of the Fat Slags, who still really do exist in Newcastle (and places like Wolverhampton). They were busy spilling out of the pub in Newcastle on Wednesday when we got back from Chesterfield (long distance, long story).
At breakfast time, they are frankly terrifying because they are also very tall and have quite a predatory glare that withers potential female rivals in their boots. I have always been rather regretful to have inherited a gentle nature from my father, as I am sure that I would have greatly enjoyed the assertiveness that comes along with the package, and the complete disregard for any obstacles (or actually, total unawareness of) that might make life not loud, fun and thoroughly outrageous.
My dear friend Stuart Morgan, former editor of Artscribe and sadly no longer in this world, counted The Fat Slags as one of the pinnacles of great art; he was particularly impressed at Chris Donald's brave move of dedicating frame after frame to them just, well... laughing.

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