Monday, July 20, 2015

Lipstick and Dyamite

What a brilliant film! It's touching, inspiring and quirky all at the same time; Moolah is the scary centre of it all, with her business head and determination never to give up, she forges ahead in SU women's wrestling despite her promoter husband having affairs with his other wresting protegees and with a hard head for business.
My fave wrestler was the one who lost every match by arrangement and then went off to become a lion tamer; second fave was the one who felt her life's achievement was actually when she became a nurse and worked with some of the very first AIDS patients. There was a lot of botox in those foreheads, but actually the women themselves must have had the most robust bodies possible order to tolerate the frequent breaks and bashings that even the dramatically-enhanced choreography of wrestling required.
Offsprog One, well done for arranging a really interesting and successful event. I even of to try Dalston cola made from Kola nuts from Ridley Road market.


BIG DADDY (wrestler) said...

I'll put you in a 1/2 Nelson!

Anonymous said...

Jack-the-Rippers 1st victim was discovered in Dalston