Thursday, July 23, 2015


I have completed an entire section of my research- a short section, but a significant one, and I've realised that I can finish it by my self-imposed deadline if I simultaneously edit transcribed interviews and fine-tune the writing so far, all almost 30,000 words of it.
For most of the rest of the summer I will have to work to a strict self-imposed timetable because there is the film to carry on with, plus a talk for Dave Laing's book launch in Brighton in October, which I'm really looking forward to writing, and then starting a chapter on identity theory and punk. There is also planning for next year and I have a few days of writing next years courses ahead of me.
Around this there are some lovely gigs to play; last night I supported Martin and Jim in Chesterfield in the Eyre Chapel. It was an unplugged gig, which made it even more intimate. Sitting at the back after my bit, I watched a group of young people really getting into the music: they looked like a young band in the making. Unfettered by amplification, playing and singing become more meaningful and words carry more importance; as darkness fell outside, the audience listened in silence and gave the music all their attention. This is so rare, and so much to be appreciated when it happens.
I can't remember if I left any milk in the fridge.

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