Monday, July 13, 2015

Documentary on Women Punk Musicians

This Wednesday I'll have the opportunity to show a seven minute version of the documentary that Gina and myself have been working on for the past few months. The film will explore the musical influences on the women punk bands from their own perspective and largely in their own words. In theory, we have only just started filming although Gina has some footage that she has shot previously. Our first dedicated foray was too weeks ago when we interviewed Gaye Black from the Adverts and Shanne Scratch from the Nips (she gave Shane McGowan his first job as a vocalist).
At the moment we're applying for funding and also looking for hosts to show the film when it's finished in the middle on 2016. These things take a lot of planning.
It's very exciting; I've always avoided doing anything for film unless it was music, because it's such slow work. But the same feeling has kicked in as when I do written research- the sense of a mission!

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