Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Don't Buy! Don't Buy!

I have to put my hands over my eyes when I walk past the charity shops in Barnet.
First it was a mint-condition vintage wind-up record player complete with enormous brass horn; then a beautiful autoharp, painted with lords and ladies and decorated with gold leaf.
A couple of weeks ago an ancient Indian harmonium stood beckoning in a shop window, and today it's a perfect little Bontempi organ.
My mini-house is full: there is no room for these things, but I do lust after them so.


Anonymous said...

Helen, my own musical journey started on a shoogly, orange Bontempi organ. Thanks for sparking that memory. Maria Q

Helen McCookerybook said...

That sounds lovely Maria. I had a guitar when I was 14 that was so cheap you could scratch the varnish with fingernail! x