Monday, June 08, 2015


Every time I open the back door, a huge bluebottle flies into the house, droning like a light aircraft and intermittently crashing into the windows with a sound like crushing cellophane.
Upstairs, downstairs it goes, zigzagging at knee level trying to find the Way Out, panicking visibly.
Is it the same one every time?
Usually, I manage to coax the thing out, but it obviously sneaked back in yesterday evening.
Much to my alarm (quite literally) the huge bluebottle woke me this morning by coming into my room and roaring at maximum wing-volume. Biff, sock, pow against the walls; I cowered under the duvet in terror.
Bzzt bzzt bzzt.....
Eventually, I made a dash for it, and opened the back door.
I think it's gone.
Or has it?

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