Saturday, June 06, 2015

Blog Interruptions

I keep wanting to post photographs but my phone is busy conking out which makes it rather difficult. When it does agree to take photos (which it's moody about, having bunched up so many Apple updates that they spill out into my handbag), it won't send them anywhere, in spite of making that encouraging 'whooshing' noise. It grinds into action so slowly that I've got time to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea before it opens it eyes and starts twinkling.
In addition, day to day life has been ruled by the computer programmes at work whose subtle attempts to disrupt my normally efficient working habits by relentlessly forgetting the marks its supposed to be saving have given me a new stripe of grey hair in my fringe. I am exhausted by it all and I've promised myself a week of music and art, kicked off by three drawings last night that I can't post here for the above reason.
Add to that the hellish fact that  all of the programmes/apps that I use, from Blogger through Word to texting, have become so enthusiastic at auto-correcting that much of what I type translates as rubbish. If I don't have time to proof-read what I've typed, I send out garbled missives that look as though they've been constructed by a pigeon. 'Computer knows best', nods the machine sagely and smugly.
No you don't, you blasted machine.
If you don't respect me I'll snip off your ears with my pinking shears!
What's the technological word for anthropomorphism?

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