Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I went to meet a friend this afternoon. It was lovely to see her; on the way there I walked through town.
The sun was shining into my eyes so I decided to put my sunglasses on.
It wasn't until five minutes later with the sun still shining in my eyes, and when I became irritated by not being able to see anything further than a metre from my face, that I realised I'd put my normal glasses on instead.
That's what Tuesday's day of data inputting did for the brain.
When the marking mountain has disappeared, you will hear me whooping from the rooftops!

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An Optician said...

The 'Germans' always made the best 'lenses' Periscopes, Telescopes & Binoculars were their speciality.
UK Optical in Bells Hill Bnt. Was German owned!